20,000kms in Under 200 Days...


As Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, (MPNs), are a relatively new field of Blood Cancer in the Australian fora, not much research is presently being undertaken specifically for MPNs, their treatments, and or a possible cure.

Allogenic Stem Cell Transplant, (ASCT), is the only currently available curable option open to MPN patients. However, the odds of a successful outcome via ASCT is circa 50%… and therefore, not the best opportunity for a full recovery, at the present time… With those odds in mind, a small group of MPN patients have decided to try to undertake this mammoth fundraising effort in order to contribute into better outcomes for all MPN patients, their families, friends and carers.

Cycling around Australia, is no small thing and much needs to be prepared and secured for in order to succeed in this effort. Presently, we are seeking to attract all Major, Medium, and Minor Sponsorships that might be interested in gaining National Marketing exposure for their products or services, by providing for any of the following items:

  1. A Gratis Marketing / PR Consultancy that will ensure this Fundraiser is the success that we wish it to be… (NEW!)
  2. Campervan/Motorhome, (to act as support vehicle w/ fridge for medications for the duration of the journey)
  3. Cycle providers for the event, (requiring two road & one mountain cycle) 
  4. Satellite phone for communication purposes, (we don’t want to get lost)
  5. Providers of Nutritional enhancement via sports drinks & gels
  6. Custom Jersey designers & manufacturers – POSITION FILLED  – HILLBRICK
  7. Donated gifts of famous celebrity & sporting memorabilia for our Auction where 100% of all proceeds will go to Peter MAC’s MPN research   – FIRST GIFT RECEIVED
  8. Any and all new products related to our FR event that might be provided as gifts for sponsorship will of course be most gratefully welcomed …
  9. We might also be looking for other MPN patients who might like to join us through part/all of the actual journey, (more to follow later on this point)
  10.  Sponsorships can be provided for as cash donations or as a required product items to the value of the desired level of Sponsorship


Please contact us directly in order to set up your desired Sponsorship by emailing us on: and of course we will come back to you ASAP to answer any and all questions that you might have. Thank you for your generous support to this very important and worthy cause.


Sponsorship Cycling Kit & Corporate Logo Positions


20,000kms in Under 200 Days...

Levels of Sponsorship Explained…

All MPN-MATE.COM Sponsors will be displayed on all forms of media throughout the time that the Fundraiser remains a live effort. Whether while cycling around our great continent, or across our Fundraising websites, (including selected forms of Social & Traditional Media), or via the Sponsorship selected by the various sponsors and according to those negotiated arrangements.

Above is a graphic representation of our Jersey and Shorts design that also has corresponding numbers that match up with the desired level of Sponsorship colours of either: Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Essentially, there are Three (3) main types of Sponsorship, and they are described in greater details below, (please scroll down):

  • Gold – Major Sponsors => $20,000 x 3 Only
  • Silver – Medium Sponsors => $10,000 x 4 Only
  • Bronze – Minor Sponsors => $1,000 x 17 Only

The ‘Targeted’ amount we are endeavouring to raise for PETER MAC MPN Research to become a reality in Australia is $117k, but we really don’t mind if we go over that by just a tad…


MPN Talks & Seminars

As we ride through each state and or territory, we will be endeavouring to participate in as many MPN discussions as we are able on the benefits of ‘Lifestyle’ choices like exercise, diet and meditation… Everyday, new studies and break-throughs are emerging on all things MPN, and it is therefore a great time for all of us to be optimistic about our futures…

At those talks we will also hope to promote all of our sponsors logos and discuss how they have helped to make this Fundraiser ‘RIDE’ a resounding MPN Research success…

Other ways you can contribute to our ride...

Shortly, we will make available our intended 'Ride Itinerary' here. It is hoped that as we make our way around the country that others might like to come and join us for a 'Leg' of the journey. Naturally, only riders that have their own insurances in place will be able to join us. However, it would be awesome to have others ride with us during different parts of our mammoth trek around Australia... Any rider, who is fully self-sufficient, and over the age of 18, (with their insurances validated), will be able to join us for a complete leg of our journey, and it's conservatively priced at $150.00 per rider... Naturally, any rider will be expected to sign-off on a 'waiver' to not hold MP-MATE.COM, liable in any way. However, places will be limited to only two (2) extra riders per leg. So get in fast...

Gold Sponsors


There are only Three (3) GOLD Sponsorships available

A GOLD Sponsorship provides:

  • Cycling Kit Logos (Large)
  • Motorhome/Campervan (Large)
  • Team Kit Logos (Large)
  • MPN-MATE & GoFundMe 
  • Auction Event Up to 300 guests
  • MPN Talks (across Australia)
  • National Promotion & Marketing
  • Social  Media Coverage


Silver Sponsors


There are only Four (4) SILVER Sponsorships available

SILVER Sponsorship provides:

  • Cycling Kit Logos (Medium)
  • Motorhome/Campervan (Medium)
  • Team Kit Logos (Medium)
  • MPN-MATE & GoFundMe 
  • Auction Event Up to 300 guests
  • MPN Talks (across Australia)
  • National Promotion & Marketing
  • Social  Media Coverage


Bronze Sponsors


There are ONLY Seventeen (17) BRONZE Sponsorships available

BRONZE Sponsorship provides:

  • Cycling Kit Logos (Small)
  • Motorhome/Campervan (Small)
  • Team Kit Logos (Small)
  • MPN-MATE & GoFundMe 
  • Auction Event Up to 300 guests
  • MPN Talks (across Australia)
  • National Promotion & Marketing
  • Social  Media Coverage


An Australian Registered 'Not-For-Profit' Health Promotion Charity working to create better treatments & ultimately a cure for rare blood cancers


Peter MAC Cancer Foundation

Australia's Leading Cancer Research Institute in collaboration with MPN-MATE.COM to conduct specific MPN Research in the Australian fora...

Paul Hillbrick

Providers of MPN-MATE.COM's custom cycling attire


Many thanks to Kildare Road Medical Centre for their ongoing support

Thank you to Woolworths...

Once again supporting our Australian community...


From the time that I first decided to take up cycling as my new fitness regime there have been many people whom I have met along the way within the cycling fraternity, and to all of them I could not be more grateful for their camaraderie and their friendships. All of them have helped me in a myriad of ways both as training partners and to see the unwritten ethos that exists within the cycling fraternity. Normally, within cycling community, if someone is stranded on the side of the road, another cyclist and usually a complete stranger will opt to assist one another in a type of ‘Pay It Forward’ methodology, and that is all we are really doing here… Just being good and helpful community members prepared to assist others when they need a hand …

Thank you to all of you, (and special thanks to some of those training partners who are pictured in the carousel gallery above), because without your friendships I could never have contemplated making this attempt.


The MPN-MATE Fundraiser (FR), is organised independently via the members of the MPN-MATE patient’s FORUM website, and as such, other MPN-MATE Patients can involve themselves if they would like in a myriad of ways to help make our FR the success we all want it to be. However, at all times, all communications concerning this FR event must only be issued directly via MPN-MATE’s coordinators, and not by any other individual without first having applied for and received MPN-MATE’s expressly provided authority to do so. With all such FR events, great care must always be exercised to be certain that no disrepute or misrepresentation is ever forthcoming on behalf of MPN-MATE or anyone acting on any expressly provided consent authority. MPN-MATE makes no warranty of guarantee concerning the accuracy of any of the information that appears upon the MPN-MATE website. At all times, every care is taken to provide information that is current and relevant to our subject matter, and that is Myeloproliferative Neoplasms and rare blood cancers, and their treatments. Therefore, everyone who uses our website agrees to take all responsibility for doing so upon themselves, and warrants to never make a claim against MPN-MATE or any of its members/users.