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MPN-MATE & Other Australian & Global MPN Service Providers

It seems like the time for Australia to finally attempt to join up with the rest of the western world is long overdue, and especially when it comes to the creation of a truly global MPN network…

Slowly, but surely Australia is now really beginning to connect with the rest of the world via the advent of the world wide web, and of course social media. These are really exciting days, as technology is reaching a new plateau globally, where information and knowledge is slowly filtering through, and the real ‘Trickle down’ economy finally emerges…

While the growing list of services provided below is by no means exhaustive, it shall continue to expand as more and more MPN providers become known to us.

If you know of an MPN service provider that does not appear here, please advise us and we shall be happy to include their details in our next round of updates.

Australian MPN Services

Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry –

Cancer Council – 

Canteen Australia –

Children’s Cancer (Aust’ Government) –

Fundraising for Cancer – 

Leukaemia Foundation –

Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland – 

MPN Alliance Australia – 

MPN FORUM MAGAZINE    (Australian Listing of MPN Specialists)

Peter MAC –

Ruby Red Foundation –

International MPN Provider Services
BE THE MATCH (Bone Marrow Registry):
British Bone Marrow Registry:
MAYO Clinic – USA
MPN Advocacy Education International –
MPN Belgium Patients
MPN Canada
(Global Listing of MPN Specialists)
MPN France Patients
MPN Germany Patients
MPN Japan Patients
MPN Netherlands Patients
MPN Quarterly Journal –
MPN Research Foundation –
MPN Support –
MPN Voice –
Patient Power –
PV Reporter (David Wallace) –
World Marrow Donor Association:
MPN Voice logo

MPN-MATE Acknowledgements for support is most grateful to many people behind the scenes who have helped to make the MPN-MATE website, and Mate’s Forum a reality. We also wish to thank our sister website in the UK, (MPN-Voice), for the use of some of their content and for their general assistance and support. MPN-MATE believes in the philosophy of freely sharing invaluable resources and information, and that as a community we are global and not just local. Thank you one and all….