Another way to contribute is by becoming a member of MPN-MATE RESEARCH FOUNDATION. We have now introduced MATES Membership for anyone who might wish to support our efforts at the affordable annual amount of $10.00 p.a.

Essentially, membership for MPN patients, family members, spouse, close friends, and or carers will ALWAYS remain FREE! Nevertheless, MATES patients are welcome to have a ‘Paid’ Membership to the MPN-MATE Research Fund, if you so desire. Becoming a MATES (Paid) Membership assures that you can always have a voice in how the Foundation will spend the proceeds of the funds raised for research. However, those funds will only ever be apportioned to bona-fide research organisations who are strictly working on learning more about Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs), their ongoing treatment regimes, and hopefully a Cure!

Membership will entitle members to attend our annual general meeting and to view the Foundation’s annual statements. We are operated entirely by volunteers and exist only to serve the Australian MPN community’s welfare. However, members will also have the opportunity to help guide the strategy and direction of the MPN-MATE Research Foundation over time.

From time to time we may hold special fundraising (FR) events which you will be cordially invited to attend, and participate in,. whenever a special MPN information event is being held. Members will always be the first to know.

Membership might also attract some special discounts offered by partner organisations over time… keep watching this space…

The MPN-MATE Research Foundation is always looking for MPN Patients who are willing to share their MPN journey. Written by you and by posting a small photograph of you on the website. Please advise us if you would like to contribute by clicking here

Applying for MPN-MATE Membership

To make an application for membership simply send your details to