FORUM Guidelines

As a member of MATES FORUM you are expected to follow a few basic guidelines to ensure that every user feels safe and comfortable engaging with others in their MPN community.

Professional Health Information

Information posted on MATES FORUM can support, but will not replace the relationship between you and your doctor or any other healthcare professionals. Information from this site may inform your discussions as well as the exploration of treatment options with your healthcare professionals. You should always consult a healthcare professional if considering changing your medication or treatment.

FORUM Atmosphere

Your participation on MATES FORUM should be with respect, honesty, and in the spirit of supporting and learning from your fellow MPN Patients, and other users.

MATES FORUM is not a forum to create negative impressions about identifiable individuals. Negative and damaging references, (including unwanted descriptions of profanity are not welcome), to identifiable individuals, and may be edited or deleted either by MATES Coordinator or by another MPN community administrator, without any further notice. We hope that users will respect the right of other members to present their individual health experiences, regardless of whether or not they are in agreement, and that all disagreements will be expressed empathetically, considerately, and with warmth and compassion.

Publishing Content (Questions/Posts/Replies/Private Messages)

Anything published on MATES FORUM should be understood as being the perspectives and views of that individual and does not necessarily represent the views of a particular patient group or of MPN-MATE.COM or any of its founding members.

As a member of MATES FORUM, you agree to publish information that is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and you agree to publish information that is primarily drawn from your expert knowledge or personal experience. You always maintain the option of deleting any content you have submitted at anytime.

When you publish information from third party sources, such as information about new treatments, you are asked to provide references and links wherever possible. All articles, whether peer-reviewed or not may present with ‘conflicts of interest’ and therefore the reader is advised to only rely upon their own individual sources of information.

If an account is suspected of violating any of these guidelines as stipulated above, particularly in the instance of bullying or spamming, that member’s account may be restricted or permanently banned and removed